Devotional: The Primary Requirement To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

Let me tell you some things that the Holy Spirit is not. He is not an impersonal influence. He is not a theological abstraction. He is not a system. He is not a set of rules. He is not an ecclesiastical hierarchy. He is not a half a sentence near the end of the Apostle’s Creed. He is a person.

I have sometimes summed up my view of church history in this way. Nineteen centuries of trying to find a system so safe we wouldn’t have to rely on the Holy Spirit. No system, no theology, no theory, no hierarchy, no human ministry can take the place of the Holy Spirit. He is indispensable. Therefore, we must cultivate a personal relationship with Him.

What is the primary requirement for such a relationship? I would say it’s the same as the primary requirement for all successful relationships, whether it’s between parents and children, husband and wife, or friends. The key word I would focus on would be the word sensitivity. I believe that’s the most essential feature that we need to focus on in cultivating a relationship with the Holy Spirit.


For some people, it can seem frightening to be led by the Holy Spirit. They prefer the safety of theory or theology. Are you willing to trust the Holy Spirit?


God Almighty, help me to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit and not to ignore His gentle promptings. I thank You for the theology that has helped me to know you better, but it is worth nothing without being led personally by your Holy Spirit. I choose to put my trust in Him. Amen.

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How to be Led by the Holy Spirit

Signposts along the only road that leads to mature sonship: the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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