Devotional: The Source of Joy

Many are asking, “Who can show us any good?”
Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD, You have
filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.
PSALM 4:6–7

How true that is of our situation today! Many indeed are asking, “Who can show us any good?” There is a kind of disillusionment in the air—a pervasive sense of pessimism. This is particularly true in the realm of politics. There is a dearth of confidence in leadership, the aftermath of an agonising series of mismanaged crises that have passed over us in recent decades.

Yet there is an answer to the question “Who can show us any good?”—an answer that is still valid today. David himself provides the answer, for he continues, “Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD.”

Real goodness has only one source. It comes from the Lord. When He lifts up the light of His face upon us, that light dispels the darkness of uncertainty and insecurity and pessimism.

Instead, we are filled with joy—“greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.” For those whose outlook is limited to the material realm, contentment and security must be measured in terms of material abundance. But for those who have learned to look in faith to God, there is another Source, inexhaustible and unfluctuating. The satisfaction it offers excels anything we can obtain from mere material abundance. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17).

Faith’s Response

Let the light of Your face shine upon me, Lord, so that I may see and enjoy the abundance of Your provision.

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