Devotional: We change, but the Lord doesn’t!

We are dealing with this immeasurable gap between God’s thoughts and ours. When we try to comprehend this, we need to lay hold in this connection of one other very important fact which is really in a way very simple and very obvious, but nevertheless, it needs to be said. It's stated by God in Malachi, chapter 3 and verse 6, where the Lord says:

"I the Lord do not change." (NIV)

When we meditate on that, we see it's obvious. It's good that God doesn't change because He's perfect and any change would have to be a change for the worse. But God is unchanging. He does not change and His ways and His thoughts are not going to be modified; they're not going to be adjusted; they're not going to be altered. That leaves only one option for you and me ‑ if we want to agree with God if we want to bring our ways and our thoughts into line with those of God, what is the only remaining, logical option? It's very clear. God doesn't change. His ways and thoughts are not ours, so there's only one possibility which is that you and I change our ways and our thoughts. That's the only way we can agree with God. It's the only way we can harmonize with God. And therefore, it's the only way that we can walk with God because Scripture says, "Can two walk together unless they be agreed, unless they are in harmony with one another." So there has to be a deep, radical change of our ways and thoughts.

So, in the lives of every Christian, a deep, radical change of thinking, plans and behaviour (ways) is required. That's the only way to "agree with God." The good news, however, is that change of thinking and behaviour is a challenging, wonderful way of walking with Him, so that our communion and friendship with Him grow and we experience that harmony with Amos 3: 3 "to agree": to become one.

In the following days, we will see how God makes it possible for us to do this.

Thank you, Lord, that You are perfect and therefore unchangeable. I want to say to You, Lord, that I want You to change me every day so that my thoughts will align with your thoughts. Amen!

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