Devotional: You are invited to walk with God

We have seen that we are invited into fellowship with God. Now one way the Bible describes this fellowship is a phrase that's used a good many times one way or the other, that is, walking with God. Walking together is one common form of fellowship. As a matter of fact, I think a lot of people don't appreciate how much fellowship there is in walking together. My wife and I walk together regularly almost every day. And we find that as we just walk and get into step and harmonize our thoughts, our fellowship is strengthened and deepened. And that's a little simple picture, I think, of what God wants us to have with Him. He wants us to walk with Him. He wants us to be brought into harmony with Him. He wants our fellowship to be deepened.

In the Prophet Micah, chapter 6 and verse 8, the Lord speaks and lays down certain basic requirements for this kind of fellowship which is called "walking with God."

"He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God."  (NIV)

More literally, the Hebrew says, "humble yourself to walk with God." So what are God's three requirements stated there? First of all, justice or righteousness; secondly, mercy; and third, humility. And God says, if we will cultivate those three aspects of character ‑ justice or righteousness, mercy, and humility ‑ the result will be that we'll be able to walk with God, to have fellowship with God.

Do you want this kind of fellowship with God? Then pray this simple prayer with me:

Father, help me to humble myself to walk with you. I want to walk with you, in harmony with you, and I want to have fellowship with you. Help me to cultivate, through the Holy Spirit, righteousness, mercy, and humility so that I may walk with you. In Jesus Name, Amen!



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