Distributing food parcels and hope in India

In India, many people have lost their income due to the Covid lockdown. DPM India director Elsie and the DPM team have been distributing essential food parcels to families of those labourers and will continue to do so until people are able to get back to work. They encourage them with words of hope and God's love, which many people are hungry for. 

Elsie also shared about a one-day Family Blessing Meeting that was held in Bangalore earlier this year for 200 people. She said, 

"70 Percent were not Christians, but they attended to seek the Lord for various problems. Normally, these people seek “miracle prayers” as someone prays over them, for their problem to be solved or need met. But this time, most who came up for prayer said God had spoken through the Word to their situation. It was an amazing testimony that the truth sets free, and they leave with the faith they received."

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