One of Derek’s most powerful teachings, which has enabled countless thousands of people to be set free from generational and other types of curses, is How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. DPM-Philippines Director, John Cochrane recently taught 45 pastors on this topic.

There was a very good response from the pastors as the prayer was prayed to break the curses off their lives.

One of these pastors was the leader of a church group of 1,000 pastors from all over the Philippines. Another pastor has been holding weekly teaching meetings (see the photo below) in Lucena (the capital city of Quezon province) on How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. With 76% of all church-goers attending Catholic churches, the sharing of Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching is essential. Copies of Derek’s Tagalog language books were freely distributed, along with our English proclamation cards which proved very popular, and all of the English books were sold. 

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Tonny Oceng

Tonny Oceng

this is one of the most exciting and power videos on the internet,im following it now

18 February 20200:28

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