DPM's Huge Impact in India

Over the past 15 years, Derek’s gift packs of books have been provided to over 70,000 young leaders graduating from Bible Colleges and at least 60% of these leaders end up in active Christian ministry

Considering these numbers, there is one thing we can say for sure – that thousands of lives across this great nation are being impacted by the ministry and teaching of Derek Prince Ministries.

In 2019 we plan to bring Derek’s teaching to thousands more pastors and leaders in many parts of India and Sri Lanka. 

We will also continue with our teaching conferences for pastors and leaders. As we travel into economically depressed areas in India, we cover the cost of at least 20 seminars for pastors and leaders during 2019. Derek's Bible teaching, which they receive at these seminars, will help them in their own Christian walk and also enable them to bring sound teaching to thousands more in their own congregations.

You can be part of this - discover how! 

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