Encouraging soldiers and refugees in Ukraine with Derek Prince's teaching

What are soldiers dreaming of? Peace! But the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has such deep roots, that there's no easy way to establish peace. And God alone can bring true peace, that's lasting. That's why DPM Ukraine is reaching out to soldiers, ever since the start of the conflict with Russia in 2014. Thousands of materials have been distributed since then. "In 2016 alone we already distributed 1.494 free materials among soldiers, refugees, prison inmates, chaplains, needy people, politics and officials", says Vlad Chazov, our co-worker in Ukraine. 

"Recently we reprinted four books: the Self Study Bible Course, our first full edition in Russian, Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship, and two "Collected Sermons".
We ask you to support us in your prayers, for the people who received Derek's materials would get spiritual insight from God, and that every book and brochure will reach the right person at the right moment. Thank you for your support!" 


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