I’m sure you will agree that the days we are living in are both challenging and exciting. Challenging due to Covid-19 and the many difficulties and changes that has brought with it, yet exciting, because the Lord is moving mightily in the midst of it to bring transformation to so many lives.

One of those lives transformed is Kong Chanmakara. Kong works in a community which provides a feeding programme to slum children. Kong says, 

“I am so blessed and get a lot of revelation from each Derek Prince book I read. The Divine Exchange booklet showed me so much about God’s love and what He has done on the cross for me. Jesus took all the bad things and curses from my life and gave me back a new wonderful life in Him. The other book, Authority and Power of God’s Word, also gives me many answers to questions that I had in the past; this book tells me where the Word is from, who the Word is, and why we need God’s Word in our heart and life. Derek’s books really strengthen my faith and the right belief in Jesus Christ. I use Derek’s teaching in my church’s youth fellowship and other events in the slum where I serve every day.”

We would like to say “thank you” for your generous giving to our work in South-East Asia over the past year; it’s through your generosity that enables people like Kong to grow in his relationship with the Lord and come to maturity so that he can teach and disciple others.