Faith to Live by in Tigrigna (Ethiopia and Eritrea) makes deep impact on church doctrine

Last year the book Faith To Live By was translated in to Tigrigna ( a semetic language spoken in Eritrea and Ethiopia ). The book was distributed to many Tigrigna churches in Africa , America and Europe. The result has been encouraging. Testimonies came from people and churches that the book has changed their basic understanding of Biblical Faith.

One pastor said that the elders of his church modified the doctrine of their church after they had read the book. Another pastor told us that they are using the book for group discussion.

The teaching on Biblical faith is very timely for Eritrea and Ethiopia. Of the migrants who crossed the Mediterranean this year, Eritreans formed the third-largest national group, behind Syrians and Afghanis. The UNHCR says 5,000 leave every month. Many Eritreans leave their country because it is growing more and more into a totalitarian state where most citizens fear arrest at any moment and dare not speak to their neighbours, gather in groups or linger long outside their homes. Eritrea is not at war, but its president, Isaias Afwerki, plays up the possibility of a return to conflict with neighbouring Ethiopia. In a society ruled by fear living by faith makes a world of difference.