Farsi believer Hassan feels blessed, even after loosing everything because of his faith

Right now for the first time in history, the majority of people in the world can access digital resources on their phones, tablets or computers. Through DPM's 30x13 Project we are taking advantage of this amazing opportunity by making 30 core discipleship messages by Derek Prince available in audio-visual or audio format in 13 different languages. Since the start of this project we received testimonies of the impact the teaching makes. 

Like Hassan's story. He's a 40 year old brother, and he accepted Christ as his savior 17 years ago. He had a shop in one of the best places of his city and a good business. Ten years ago he got married to a Christian girl. After getting married Hassan decided to serve Jesus. That's when things began to change: 

"I started to encounter serious crises in my work, but I believed the Lord was leading me in a new phase of life and I trusted Him to provide for all my needs, even in the difficult times. Then I was called to court for my ministry and evangelism. The persecution started to increase to the point that they sentenced me to one year of jail. They told me instead of going to jail I could pay a fine for the price of my shop.

That's when they took my shop away. This was the point I got interested in the blessing or curse teaching. Derek Prince teaches that Jesus was not rich but He was blessed nonetheless. Few rich people can feed 5,000 people with bread and fish! That teaching really comforted me and motivated me to act like Jesus. Although I didn’t have anything, I decided to be helpful to many people.

Although I lost everything because of my faith, I am now serving 18 other Christian sisters and brothers and I’m happy that Jesus is my everything. I don’t have any earthly possession, but I am not in need of anything."

Are you blessed by Hassan's story and do you have Farsi friends? Share the video with them that made such an impact on Hassan!