Due to the pandemic, our two coordinators in Vietnam haven’t been able to hold as many seminars as previously, but we are pleased to advise of several recent seminars held: 

  • A two-day seminar in Quang Ngai province (South-East Vietnam) for 12 tribal pastors and leaders, and 85 church members from nine local churches. Derek’s books, Divine Exchange and God’s Medicine Bottle were freely distributed to attendees.
  • Derek’s books have also recently been freely distributed to 30 pastors and leaders at 22 local churches who are undertaking leadership training, and to 50 pastors and leaders at a seminar in Hanoi who are taking a counseling course.
  • Two seminars have been held for men on From Repentance to Faith and Immersion in the Spirit and two for women on The Three Most Powerful Words, Divine Exchange and Self Study Bible Course.
  • Self Study Bible Course is being used to teach and train local church leaders. One man has been very motivated after using and applying the teaching contained in this book and consequently many from a highlands tribal group have been reached by him.

Pastor T., of the home church network in central Vietnam, wrote saying, 

“Thank you so much for the DPM books and seminars; my ministry and I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit in reading and studying these books. They are very helpful, edifying, life-changing books. We are using them in our Bible schools and distributing them to leaders of different denominations. Thank you for giving us a “treasure”. May God bless you greatly.”

And pastor N. of the AOG church wrote, 

“I am in debt to DPM for these wonderful books. The more I read, the more fire I feel and the more I love the Word.”

These seminars are life-changing – not only for the attendees but for those they are then equipped to teach. The aim is to hold eight seminars in the next 12 months and the cost to do so is relatively low compared with the huge benefits gained. Thank you for your support in prayer and gifts towards our outreach projects. 

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