Blog: Finding my place in God’s Kingdom

I believe there are two great moments in a person’s life. The first is the moment you were born. The second is the moment you discover why you were born. We are all born for a reason, and it is our responsibility to discover that reason – the ‘why’, the calling of our lives. Then we can redirect our path toward God’s optimal purpose for our lives. It is when you reach this second moment that your life – your calling – starts to take shape.

This is how the introduction of Derek Prince’ book ‘Called to Conquer’ starts. When I first laid eyes on this book, it didn’t really appeal to me because of the cover image. But when I opened it and read the first paragraph – as quoted above – I really did want to read it.

‘Called to Conquer’ is about finding your assignment in the kingdom of heaven. Being a married mum, raising two boys, having a job, that is something I wonder about. I want to serve God’s Kingdom, but how do I find my way… and the time to do it? What is my calling? It’s even something my boys ask me about: how can they know what God wants them to do?

So I started reading. The first chapter is a great encouragement, but at the same time very confronting. Let me give you an example. Derek Prince writes:

“I grew up in the Anglican Church in Britain. I did all the things that I was supposed to do, but I never found reality in my life. I was looking for a challenge. I suspect that many other people have not grown too excited by conventional religion. They are not fully satisfied, but they do not know what would satisfy them. I want to suggest that what they are looking for is the challenge of the unequivocal, uncompromising call of God.”

Yes! I could very much relate to that! But then he continued:

“Our motivaton in pursuing the new life is, at its simplest, the desire to do the will of God. You can save your life if you hold onto it. You can keep it for yourself, please yourself, make your own plans, do what you want to do, but you will lose your life. Or, you can lay it down – and you will find another. Untill we appreciate and honor God’s sovereignty, we will be unable to understand His call on our lives. But if we are willing to go forward with that understanding, we will enter  the new life – with all of its benefits.”

That’s the big question: am I willing to really lay down my life? To seek God’s will first instead of my own pleasures? To be honest, I fear really saying yes to that. Would it mean I can’t take long showers anymore because I need to save water for a better environment? Do I have to spend all my time in praying and outreach without permitting myself some free time and hobbies? Those are fears that pop up immediately! (Yeah, it probably tells a lot about my image of God the Father… oops!)

The first chapter closes like this:

"Jesus wants to bring you to a place of incredible responsibility and privilege as a king and priest within His Kingdom (see 1 Peter 2:5,9, Revelation 1:6). The powers of hell are working to stop you. What will your decision be? Let’s learn what it means to know your calling.”

I think that’s the least I can do: learn what it means to know my calling. After all, if I want to teach my kids something about it, I should know it myself in the first place.



Called to Conquer

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