Foundations Devotionals for 2020 - An Introduction to Part 1: Foundation for faith

An Introduction to Part 1: Foundation for faith

In any permanent building, whether it is built of brick or stone, concrete or timber, the vital area is the foundation. The foundation sets the limits, and this also is true in the Christian life. You cannot build a more successful Christian life than your foundation will permit.

For many years, I have been teaching, counselling and praying for Christians from a multitude of national and denominational backgrounds. The problems in their lives have been as varied as their backgrounds, but underneath them all, I have continually discerned one basic deficiency: they have never laid a sound doctrinal foundation. Consequently, they have never been able to build a stable, successful Christian life.

I picture such Christians as people who have purchased a lot for the purpose of building a home for themselves. On this, over the years, they have assembled a mass of materials, acquired from attending various churches, conferences, seminars or even Bible colleges. Yet, in spite of all this, no house has ever been built. The reason is simple : thy have never laid the necessary foundation.

As a Christian, you are responsible to build yourself up as a dwelling place for the Lord, and to do that you need to establish your life on Jesus. In Matthew 16, starting at verse 13, Jesus asks His disciples the same question that He asks you today – “Who do you say that I am?”

At the start of this new series of devotionals, ponder about that question. Who is Jesus? Why not write down your answer, or better yet, share it with someone else. Ask God to reveal to you the state of your spiritual foundation, and how you can establish it more firmly in Jesus. And most importantly, take time to praise Jesus for who He is.

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