Government oppression and clamdown in China

Ross Paterson, DPM China director, and his wife Christine, recently returned from China and shared about the increasing oppression of Chinese believers.

"This is an extremely difficult season, with every day more reports coming out concerning government oppression and clampdown. Just before we left, I got a report from a good source that the Chinese government ordered that 500 (Christian) foreigners be expelled from the country by the end of this year. But so far by the grace of God our Chinese team inside China are untouched. Praise the Lord for that.

The 1000 USB and 1000 SD cards with Bible teaching have already been distributed, containing as much as we could store of Derek’s books in PDF, audiovisual format etc. Somebody just asked for 2,000 copies, which is a mountain we are unlikely to climb, but generous donations like yours really help! Many thanks to the UK team and supporters for that generous provision to China."


Ruben Canha

Ruben Canha

I listened on UCB 2 ,7th step for new year. To my great astonishment, that was our wedding passage from Hebrews!!! Thank you so much. I pray the LORD will pour out His blessings in a way we never imagined. In Jesus name, Amen.

9 January 20196:06

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