India: Bible teaching seminar convicts pastor of personal sins

More than 200 pastors attended a one-day conference in Chennai in February where Elsie spoke on The Divine Exchange and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. One pastor testified that the session on Curses from Authority Figures convicted him of his own faults. He stood before the pastors and vowed to go home, ask forgiveness of his wife and the Lord, and lay hands on her to break the curses he had spoken over her, replacing them with words of blessing. The other session that impacted many was on curses resulting from robbing God of tithes and offerings.

Elsie shared: “This meeting was held at Pastor Rex’s church as a result of his reading Derek’s book, Foundations for Righteous Living. When Derek came to India for the crusade in Hyderabad 23 years ago, he released this book that was printed for the first time in India, saying: ‘This will be the book that will change the foundations of this nation.’ My husband, Danny, and I personally heard that statement as we were on the stage when Derek said it.  Now, 23 years later, what a blessing to see the same statement being made by Pastor Rex. He said,

‘…it literally shook my life and thinking and transformed me and my ministry completely. It was like someone had taken my brain out of my head and washed it clean of all the rubbish that was stored in there and then replaced it with a crystal-clear teaching of the basic teachings of the Christian faith. Just everything that I needed to know. It transformed my thinking and my life! I think every pastor should own and study a copy of this book.’”

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