India: celebration of Derek Prince’ birth

On August 14, a centenary celebration of Derek’s birth was held at St John’s Anglican Church, Bangalore (where Derek was christened as a baby). Ross Paterson, DPM–China Director, was the speaker and challenged leaders and lay people alike to rise up for the Kingdom. Glowing tributes were paid to Derek by senior Indian pastors who also told how God had influenced many lives through his teaching. A pastor who has the largest Malayalam congregation in Asia was very clear in explaining how the Blessing or Curse message had revolutionized his deliverance ministry. Almost 200 leaders from all over India attended the two-day conference organized to coincide with the Centenary. 

The main cities in North Karnataka State lack Christian teaching and there is much persecution. However, there are many churches and leaders in need of encouragement and strengthening in the Word of God. The DPM team in India reaches out to these leaders with Derek’s teaching, along with those in Mumbai and Pune in Gujarat State.

Elsie and Daniel, Directors DPM India