India: comfort and consolation in times of fear

DPM India Directors Elsie and Danny continue distributing Derek's Bible teaching resources. Recently Pastor Sundar, from Andhra Pradesh, told them:

“Thank you so much for all the efforts you took to bring us this sound, biblical teaching. It helped us face every situation without fear and to bring hope to our church members, many of whom were beginning to despair. We were able to bring comfort and consolation through the Word that had been put into our own lives.

I was recently reading Derek Prince’s book, They Shall Expel Demons. It threw so much light on the operation of the kingdom of darkness and deliverance. Derek’s message on Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose was also a great revelation to me. The messages were so enlightening and nourishing and revealed the truth of the Word of God in a clear, simple way.

I thank and praise God for bestowing the anointing of the teaching and revelation gifts on Derek Prince to teach the Word in a clear, simple way so that it is understandable to all, coupled along with his own ministerial experiences. This teaching helped me and will go on helping many, many Christians all over the world. The teachings are a great blessing to the Church, especially in the east.

I feel that if I had come across Derek’s messages in the past, it would have made a greater impact on my life both spiritual and physical, and I would not have wasted years and lost precious time in my life. Thank you for continuing Derek Prince Ministries by making available Derek’s books, CDs, SD cards and the videos on YouTube which are so helpful to believers.”