India Outreach More than 200 low education level pastors and leaders reached in Purnea & Bhagalpur

Report from Elsie Danny, DPM-India Director:

Teaching Seminars in Bihar

Bihar is probably the most backward state in India both in terms of economy and education. As a result, most of the indigenous pastors/leaders here are poor and uneducated or have very low education levels. The lack of Bible knowledge leads to severe demonic oppression and an inability to be set free from it. 

Hence, as we taught in these places we could actually feel and see the thick blanket of spiritual darkness that had oppressed and blinded these people for decades.  But praise God that it broke as we brought the liberating teaching of the Word of God!!  In terms of the delivered resources, the SD Cards turned out to be a great boon as many said to us “I don’t know to read but thank you for the messages, I can listen to it on my mobile phone.” 



Hindi Books:

  • Life-Changing Spiritual Power
  • Foundations for Righteous Living
  • Power of Communion
  • Empowered for Life

SD Cards:

Containing 30 messages in Hindi


Teaching seminars in West Bengal

This is a town that is a strategic link between India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Here the education levels are quite high, but unfortunately due to a lack of good Bible teaching resources, many find it hard to accept scriptural principles as much of their thought process has been influenced by the “world view.”  However, praise God that they are open to searching through what we have to offer. Nearly 220 pastors and leaders including some from Nepal, Bhutan Bangladesh were reached. Many of those who attended our seminar were teachers in Bible Colleges and so would be able to influence several young minds that were under their instruction. They received the books well received as were the SD Cards.  

Truly an outreach wherein we saw both extremes but returned with the great satisfaction of being able to minister to both in their areas of need!  




Hindi, Bengali, Nepali & Malayalam books

SD Cards:

Containing 30 messages in Hindi & English


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