India Outreach: nine women delivered of terrible demonic possessions

Earlier this year Danny and Elsie, DPM India directors, held a series of outreaches in India. They wrote: 

"We started in a place called Gudalur. It’s quite a hard place to get to as it is right in the middle of the hills and one has to pass through winding roads, tea estates, forest divisions and needless to say, wildlife to get here. The major danger is from elephants that make sudden appearances early in the day and late in the evening on the roads and in villages.

Curious pastors

A group of approx. 80 “curious pastors” attended this meeting. Also a bishop of a mainline church was present. Someone had spread word that DPM brought false doctrine and so cautioned people not to attend. So we taught on our regular subjects of “Divine Exchange” and “Curse to Blessing”. God was truly glorified an this now created a great interest in the books we had to offer.

Woman's ministry

The next day was a special meeting for their wives. Teaching about the ministry of priests and kings, leading to the use of authority through proclamations, we led the women into declarations over their families, ministries and churches. There was a mighty move of the Spirit amongst these women and many of them testified of the difference they felt in their spirits as they proclaimed and prayed that day.

Outreach to unreached

Moving on to Mumbai, we focused this time mainly on the Marathi speaking people. Tamil speaking people are a large community in Mumbai but they usually have a lot of meetings and Christian literature reaching them. So this time we decided to reach out to the group that needed it more. Many pastors came forward to share that this was something they had never heard before and that this was what they needed for the season to help their own congregations.

Proclaiming God's victory

The women’s seminar was again the one that produced dramatic results! I spoke on the same subject as I did in Gudalur and at the end as we proclaimed the victory of Christ over the Kingdom of Satan, two demon possessed women threw their hair open and danced right up to the front, the demons manifesting wildly. Danny stepped in and in a minute she was on the floor, completely delivered.

In that one meeting more than nine women were delivered of terrible demonic possessions. One was being led astray by a demon an

d the demon began to bargain that it would leave as she was on her way home. But praise the Lord, His authority is supreme! We refused and she was instantly delivered in Jesus name. At the end of the meeting we received many grateful hugs – something very uncommon in India!!


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