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DPM India Outreach bringingh healing and deliverance in Jesus' name

DPM-India Outreach Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently held a very successful day of meetings in Chandrapur, Maharashtra (central India).  Elsie advises: 

“We had a larger than expected turnout of pastors and leaders, with more than 200 attending. We taught on deliverance and at the end had all the pastors pray together and break the powers of darkness over the city. Everyone present felt a manifest and strong move of the Spirit and testified that they clearly felt the release in their spirits as well. During the prayer time, we prayed for people to be released and healed from disease and at least one-third of the people present confirmed they had been healed!  

Following the meeting, we gave out Derek’s books and SD cards.  We also held a seminar for the believers of the organising church here with more than 500 people attending. During this time we prayed for the breaking of curses over people’s lives.  Many began to manifest demonic spirits but were completely set free and delivered without anyone laying hands on them. Praise God for the mighty things He is doing!”

Derek’s teaching is helping to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people in India.  Thank you for your prayers and donations to help make this happen!

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