India: “I cannot read or write, but now you have given me this SD card to listen to and I can hear and understand new things from God’s Word"

For the past nine years Elsie and Danny, DPM–India and Sri Lanka Directors, have been travelling to some of the major cities and towns in different states of India, reaching pastors and leaders with Derek Prince’s sound Biblical teaching on various topics. Over the past year, they have been to some of the most remote and largely unreached areas of India to bring Bible teaching to large numbers of Christian leaders. This is their latest report:

"One of the places was the state of Bihar in remote North India, where we met pastors and leaders who could not even read or write. Bihar is probably one of the most backward states in India in terms of education, as well as economic and spiritual development. On visiting this place, we literally found “spiritual darkness” in the minds of the pastors. Even a basic knowledge of Biblical principles was lacking in this area.

What touched Danny and me most was when a pastor said to us, with tears in his eyes, “I cannot read or write, but now you have given me this SD card to listen to and I can hear and understand new things from God’s Word that I would never have had the opportunity to know if you had not brought this to me!” 

The other place we visited was the very distant Andaman Islands, which lie out in the middle of the ocean between India and Myanmar. In the Andamans, we went to the remotest areas, driving through the far north islands—travelling through two thick jungles which are inhabited by the Jarawa tribes and then crossing two seas by boat between the islands. We were confronted by the tribes at one point with all their weapons. They demanded food and took all we had. 

When we held the Bible teaching conferences, it reminded me that these pastors were, in a sense, like the tribes—deprived of spiritual food as they live so far away from the rest of Indian society. The tears we saw in their eyes as we taught on and prayed for deliverance from demons, curses and bondages reminded us that they are striving on their own with so little encouragement. As Derek Prince Ministries, we were bringing them great comfort and strengthening them to press ahead in their God-given vision. (Even though you have a vision, you still need the encouragement to persevere in it—and I think that is exactly where DPM has stepped in.)

Danny and I (Elsie) were able to train pastors who belonged to a group of tribes called “the Karens” in the Andamans (originally from Myanmar). There is now a big spiritual breakthrough amongst this people group, and we have been blessed to teach the pastors who are going to reach these people with the Gospel. 
“And this Gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”
Matthew 24:14


Your generous support of DPM’s India outreach has helped enable us to make these vital trips. We would like to say a huge “thank you” for partnering with us.



In the year ahead, we are planning trips to Uttarakhand (another very remote state in the Himalayas), and to Arunachal Pradesh (on India’s border with China). Both are mountainous regions and very difficult places in terms of Christian ministry. In addition, we will also attempt to reach the Nicobar Islands (part of the Andaman group), but we need special permission to go in there.

Our vision and commitment is to “reach the unreached, and teach the untaught.” As part of this work, in the last 16 months we were able to distribute 21,000 of Derek Prince’s books and over 4,000 micro SD cards, each containing many hours of audio teaching, to the pastors and leaders in 47 different conferences we organized across India and Sri Lanka.

We now need to duplicate at least 3,500 SD cards ($7.60 each), and reprint a minimum of 25,000 more books ($57,000 total reprinting cost), to hand out at the many conferences we have planned. Our 2020 budget for continuing this vital outreach, as well as producing this teaching material, is approximately $136,500. In addition, we usually need to cover the cost of the conferences, travel and accommodation costs.

We cannot do this without your support and prayer. Your gift enables us to fulfill Matthew 24:14 and obey the mandate to “reach the unreached and teach the untaught.”


The political climate in India is changing
India’s political climate has seen huge upheavals in the last year, and it is not clear how long religious freedom will last in this vast country of over 1.2 billion people. But while it does, we must make use of the opportunities we have right now and take the Word of God and Derek’s teaching to the uttermost parts of India. 

We are very grateful God has connected us with friends like you who want to be a blessing to others. Thank you for your generosity and your prayers for DPM’s outreaches in the Indian Subcontinent.

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