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DPM-India Outreach Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently held a very successful trip to the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh (north India).  There is very little Christian activity here but severe persecution against Christians and Christian organisations.  However, they taught and encouraged pastors and Christian leaders at three seminars using Derek’s teaching material (The Divine Exchange; How to Pass from Curse to Blessing and The Power of Proclamation) and provided each attendee with Derek’s books and SD cards.  Attendees were challenged and encouraged to take back “life-changing” teaching to their congregations.                                                                       

Elsie and Danny also met the Director of a very large Christian medical college, hospital and training facility during these seminars and gifted him a set of Derek’s books and SD cards. He is someone who impacts a large number of students and staff, so they believe that is a seed well sown.

A further trip was taken to Andhra Pradesh (south-east India) where they held two DPM pastors and leaders seminars, and also one for a church.  Every evening they had an open door for a public crusade.  While only about 100 people were able to be accommodated on the grounds where the crusade was held, several hundred more heard the gospel from their homes in this rural area through the public address system.

Derek’s teaching is helping to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people in India.  Thank you for your support to help make this happen!

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