Indonesia: Doors opening up for teaching and ministering to pastors

Over the past year, the doors for the Gospel have been opening up significantly in Indonesia. DPM Director, Marcel, has been travelling to different parts of the nation and in particular, to east Indonesia, to teach and minister to hundreds of Pastors and Christian leaders.

Pastors like Ps. Partogi are benefitting greatly from Derek’s material.  He writes:

“On behalf of the Pastors of the Siloam Evangelical church, I would like to thank you for the books and CD’s from Derek Prince. These materials have been a real blessing to our ministry.  Thank God, when the books were received by us at our recent synod conference, it was like a breath of fresh air to the Pastors. I have also personally benefited from the messages myself, because of Derek’s vast knowledge and experience in dealing with the spirit world. Praise the Lord.”

Marcel also advised us that Derek’s book Life-Changing Spiritual Power is being used as a study book in a church, and has saved another church from closing down.  He writes:

“When I visited the city of Ponorogo I was amazed with the fact that they are using Life Changing Spiritual Power as a study book for the church. I heard testimonies like: “Thanks to Derek Prince's book, I am now a changed person. I received the Holy Spirit and am on fire for God now”.

Another lady (in her 80’s) shared that through the book she has challenged herself to share the Gospel much more and a 14-year old girl has been so blessed that she shares the Word of God wherever she goes.

When I went to another village, I was told by one of the leaders of the church that they wanted to close the church down. After the Pastor from Ponorogo introduced them to Derek’s book Life Changing Spiritual Power they started to study it and the Lord amazingly restored the church and brought a greater unity amongst the whole church. The power of the Holy Spirit is so real.  They all told me to thank DPM for the blessing they received through a simple book.”

Marcel has just returned from a trip to Maluku Province and an island off southern Irian Jaya (Borneo), as well as central Kalimantan (Borneo), where he held seminars based on How to Pass from Curse to Blessing.

He told us that many people were set free from curses over their lives. He has been asked to hold further seminars in both places for Pastors, leaders and youth. In central Kalimantan, there are around 200 AOG churches and he has been asked to provide Derek’s material to a mission school there.

Marcel will also be teaching and ministering in several other parts of Indonesia in the coming months and would love to bless hundreds more Pastors and leaders with Derek’s material.  Please pray for Marcel’s safe travels in this Muslim nation. 

Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world with a population of 242 million, and it is the desire of our hearts to see God’s transforming Word go out to as many people as possible to bring understanding about eternal life, and also to bring more revelation and maturity to the Body of Christ. 46 of Derek’s book have now been translated and published in the Indonesian language, with over 220,000 copies printed.

Ministry in Indonesia

  • We have now translated 140 of Derek’s radio messages from Keys to Successful Living into Indonesian, which are also available through our DPM app. 
  • The programme is broadcast on 22 radio stations in 18 major cities across Indonesia, potentially reaching 23 million people. The English version of the programme has been broadcast for around 16 years.  Derek’s radio programme is also being placed on audio devices for sending out. 
  • We also hold conferences and seminars for Pastors, Elders and missionaries where we use Derek’s teaching to teach and encourage those in leadership. 
  • Derek’s books are freely distributed which have been a real blessing to those attending.

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