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Indonesia: teaching on sin and repentance leads to deliverance

DPM-Indonesia Director Marcel has been very busy over recent months, travelling around different parts of Indonesia to teach and minister to many hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders using Derek’s teaching. This is an update from Marcel.
I recently had several opportunities to teach and minister: At an Indonesian Bethel Church in Sentani (Papua, Indonesia), using Derek’s teaching Life’s Bitter Pool, where many were touched by the Holy Spirit. I am now working on setting up a pastors' meeting and sending a copy of each of Derek’s Indonesian books to the pastors there.

At Biak and Ansus in Papua. It was a seven-hour boat trip to Ansus, where there are about 10 churches. They require much good Bible training, so a return trip will be made.

At the YWAM Discipleship Training School where I taught on sin, repentance, and forgiveness. The students experienced great deliverance (most had given their lives to the Lord just four weeks previously).

Several months ago I sent 300 copies each of Called to Conquer and The Power of Proclamation to a pastor in Solo, whose ministry is to pastors. He advises me the books were a great blessing to all recipients. 

An Indonesian pastor living in Australia made a trip to Indonesia in October 2018, and distributed packs of Derek’s books to several hundred pastors in East and Central Java. The books were received with much joy…

Marcel also held seminars in Central and East Java, and West Papua, during February and March.  Derek’s teaching is helping to make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people in Indonesia.  Thank you for your prayers and support to help make this happen!

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