They are taxi drivers, shop owners, doctors, students, mothers, fathers, but they all have one thing in common: they grew up as Muslims living in Iran, but now have accepted Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. They love the Lord passionately but it has a price. 

One of them is Merdad (not his real name). When he shared about his new faith in Jesus with his family, his father kicked him out of the house. His mother refused to talk to him for a long time. They both felt that their son had betrayed his family, his country and his Muslim religion. But Merdad kept praying and loving them. About half a year ago, his mother received Jesus into her life. What a joyful day, both in heaven as on earth, for Merdad and his mother. Merdad says: "It was great news for me. I keep praying for my father and hope that one day he will receive Jesus too."

Merdad became a follower of Jesus after becoming friends with a man from our outreach team in Iran. Each month, DPM supports this team with discipleship materials by Derek Prince. During their outreach trips, they meet many people and make friends with them. They boldly share about their faith in Jesus to their new friends, who often have a lot of questions about Jesus and the Christian faith, and study the Bible with them. Through this friendship, reading the Bible and respectful conversations about the faith, many of them become believers in Jesus. 

Last month, Amin (not his real name), one of the new believers had many questions about baptism. Our outreach worker reported: "He almost begged me to baptise him. So we spend the day together while I explained to the meaning of baptism to him, and what it means to make a covenant with the Lord through the blood of Jesus Christ. He was so convinced that he needed to be baptised, that I agreed with him. It was really cold outside and when we entered the water it felt like freezing. But I cannot describe the joy on his face when he was baptised. I think Amin will really be a good pastor and a good worker in the Kingdom. I have encouraged him to share the Good News about Jesus Christ with his friends and to start a church. Please keep praying for this young man to be strong in the Lord."

Thank you for your prayers and financial support to DPM's outreach, to bring eternal joy and life to the people in Iran. 

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