Iran: How thanksgiving, praise and worship changed a life

In Tabriz, an Iranian city, Hajar heard the Gospel two years ago when she met people from our DPM outreach team. They gave Hajar a micro SD-card with Derek’s teaching and soon she developed a friendship with the team. Derek's teaching made a deep impact on Hajar's life. She said: 

“The lady who gave me the SD card said that these materials would help me understand God. I read all books on the card, but there is one that stood out for me personally: Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship. In this book, Derek Prince said: “Don't focus on your feelings. Don't look at your situation. Behold these eternal, unchanging aspects of God's nature and His fellowship with us. And you will thank God instantly.”

To be frank, life in Iran is not easy. I had problems in my family, problems at work, there is government control everywhere. We live in fear, without joy and without hope. It seemed impossible not to focus on all these bad things in my life. I could only see one way out: to escape Iran. But where could I go?

Derek also wrote: "Both thanksgiving and praise have a very important psychological effect on the believer. If we come to God with big requests that seem very difficult and difficult, the more we thank God for what He has already done, the easier it is for us to believe Him that He will fulfill our further requests. But if we do not come with gratitude, we will not have the psychological strengthening of our faith."

I accepted this advice and started practising it. It made such a difference in my life! Why didn’t I know this before? If only I had known earlier, my life would have been so much better, I would have had so much more joy! I can’t change the past, but now I know. And especially for us, Iranian women, it is so important to know Who God is and what He wants to give us. I am thankful to God for all His good works in my life, and I have hope for tomorrow. I shared this book with my sister and cousin. Both of them received Jesus. We are praying together and growing in our faith.”

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