Iran: "Hundred opportunities to share about Jesus Christ"

The Lord is doing a mighty work in the Muslim world. Many Muslims become followers of Jesus, through revelations and visions from the Lord Himself, but also through the sharing of the Gospel.

In Iran also, many Muslims are very open to hear about Jesus Christ and the salvation and forgiveness He offers. This is something our outreach workers are experiencing every time they travel to Iran. 

“It was not so easy to pass the Iranian border this time’, shares one of the team members. “I was asked about my plans and who I would be meeting. Only after a couple of hours they let me pass the border. They did not know I had brought 100 micro SD cards with me, loaded with Bible teaching in Farsi. These hundred SD-cards are not simply technological tools. They are hundred opportunities to share about Jesus Christ! We can not explain everything about Jesus Christ during one visit, and not all the times we give our testimony, we can bring peole to the Lord. But when we give them an SD-card, they can continue learning about Jesus without us being present. They can get more knowledge about Him in their own house or share it with their friends.”

The team went to visit the people who had given their lives to Jesus during one of their previous outreach trips. “Many of them do not have any connections with other believers. They are afraid to confess their faith in front of others. They fully understand the danger of what could happen to them if the Iranian government found out about their faith in Christ.

Therefore, it is such an encouragement when we meet them. We encouraged them to follow Jesus with all their heart and to continue reading the Bible and to make decisions according to God’s will. They listened carefully to the teaching we shared. It was such a joy to do Bible study together. We also learned them how to pray, which is so different for Christians than for Muslims.”

Building friendship

Taking prayer walks are part of each outreach trip. “We ask our Lord to touch people’s heart, to open their minds and to help them understand who is Jesus. Then we try to have little conversations with people we meet on the street and try to become friends. Often, people invite us over for tea or dinner. There, we share our testimony and often they are interested in receiving an SD-card with a Farsi Bible, the Jesus movie in Farsi and Bible Teaching by Derek Prince. This time, I shared about my life and the things I had done when I was still a Muslim, and how Jesus changed my life.”

The team also follows up on these new friendships and visit the people that became friends during a previous trip but who did not yet give their heart to Jesus. Building a relationship is a vital part of discipleship in Iran. That is why your longstanding support to DPM is so highly appreciated.

“We took a taxi and shared it with a woman who was going in the same direction. During the 3 hour drive, the woman complained a lot about the hard time and the hard life she had. This was an opening for me to share the Gospel to her. I told her God is calling us to obey Him and to do His will. Which is to believe His son. The taxi driver and the woman listened attentively me and asked us to visit their house to talk more about Jesus. When the lady had arrived at her place, she gave me her contact details so we can connect again.

The taxi drivers then drove to his village and asked us to share about Jesus with his family. His father was a shepherd and we were waiting for him to come home. Meanwhile, we testified to his family and when his father arrived, we shared the Good News with him. He joyfully listened and asked many questions. The man and his family did not receive Jesus as their Saviour, but a seed was planted.

After our conversation, when we were about to leave the house, the taxi driver’s daughter came to us and asked to pray for her. She did want to receive Jesus in her life! She also invited us to come to her house.  

The taxi drivers took us to a guest house and asked us to come with him, to meet his friends. We went to the tea house, where we sat down and drank tea with the taxi driver and his friends. I started sharing about Jesus and God’s will. All of them listened carefully and said: “We have never heard this before.” I am so glad that God uses me to deliver Good News to these men!

The taxi drivers became a good friend and even though he did not yet receive Jesus, his attitude gives me hope that he is very close to the Kingdom of God. I trust that the Lord will continue working with him.

The next day we met an Islamic priest. During our conversation, I had a good opportunity to share the Good News with him too, and he was surprised to hear what I told him. He asked me to tell more about it and so we spend the rest of the day with him, sharing about the Gospel. He told me that he was working at the mosque. He had found some information about Jesus in the Koran but the things I told him were all new to him. He asked us to visit his mosque and his house and that is something we will do for sure during our next trip.

The team member continues: “We had a good time with our new friends and we believe that change will come to Iran because we see how people are open for Jesus. As it is written in Jeremiah 29:13: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”.

We have so much religious freedom in countries but not in Iran. Here, people are afraid of the government, because they could be arrested and spend the rest of their life in jail. Therefore, I ask you to support these families through your prayer. Bless them to follow Jesus, to be strong in faith and to share their own experience of walking with Jesus to their friends."

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