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Iran: Sharing God's love to people who think God has forgotten about them

“Do you know God loves you?” This simple question was asked many times by our outreach team in Iran during their latest trip. “But most people didn’t know”, comments our co-worker.

“We started our outreach by fasting and having prayer walks”, he says. “We prayed God would give us wisdom to connect to the right persons. When we started to share the Gospel, we discovered most people didn’t know what God’s grace meant.

They also didn’t know God’s love. ‘I think God has forgotten about me and my life is not interesting to Him’, was a comment given several times. People were really surprised when we told them God actually loved them.

When people were open to talk more about God’s love we invited them for a coffee and gave them an micro SD-card with the Jesus movie, a Farsi Bible and Derek’s teaching on it. I’m sure if we had more cards, we could have given away even more. People in Iran are really hungry for the Gospel.”


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