Iran: The life-changing impact of one small book

Imagine yourself, travelling for hours to a city you have never been before, in an environment that is hostile to Christianity, to share the Gospel with people you have never met before and who, in fact, don’t know even that you are coming their way. Sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it?

Yet, this is what a team of outreach workers do every two weeks in Iran. And God is blessing them!

Amir is one the team. He shared:

“The Iranian people are so dear to God. When you first meet them, they can seem very closed and hard. But when God touches their hearts, the transformation is amazing. All their beauty comes out, when these people from darkness come to the Light.

Let me tell you about Davud, an 80-year old man from Ardabil city. We shared the good news about Jesus Christ with him last year and soon he received Him as his Saviour. We gave him micro a micro SD-card with a Farsi Bible and Derek’s teaching to help him grow spiritually. The book that really made an impact, was ‘God’s Remedy for Rejection.

Davud said about it: “I never understood why I had so many problems with my wife and my sons, and also in my relationship with relatives and other people. I didn’t understand it, but I never expressed how much it hurt me. However, in God’s Remedy for Rejection, Derek Prince said that the first step towards overcoming rejection is to acknowledge it. When I read that, I stopped and because I disagreed with it, I put the book aside. Yet, a few days later I picked it up again and continued reading. “When you have recognized it, you are able to deal with it”, Derek said. “But I want to remind you that God will help you recognize your problem.”

I don’t know why, but these words made me cry. I just couldn’t stop crying. God didn’t want to punish me. Instead, God wanted to help me deal with my problems, He wanted to help me to see the root of all pain I suffered, the negative things I’ve experienced in my life.”

Derek’s words encouraged me to look back on my life, even from my childhood on. Now I am an 80 year old man and God has adopted me as his child. I am so blessed!”

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