Iran: Will Jesus reveal Himself at a wedding party?

“I’d love to share a story with you.” That’s how the e-mail started from Pajam, who is taking an outreach team to Iran every month to share the gospel and distribute Derek Prince’ materials.

“The story started in Azerbaijan. Every day many people from Iran travel to Azerbaijan. They spend a few days with friends and family and then return home. One day, one of our team members heard a group of women speak Farsi. She joined their conversation and was soon invited to spend the day with these Iranian ladies, drinking coffee, laughing, talking about family, music, kids and just building a friendship with them. 

At the end of the day, one Iranian lady invited our team member to come to visit her in Iran, so they exchanged phone numbers. From that day on these two ladies really became friends. They made phone calls almost every day!

In June, our team travelled to Iran. We really thank the DPM supporters who are making this possible with their gifts and prayers. Our team member went to visit her new friend and spent three days with her. Before she went, we prayed together and we supplied her with 100 micro SD cards.

On the second day of her stay, our team member shared the Good News about Jesus with the Iranian woman. Soon, she opened her heart and received Jesus as her Saviour.  The next day her husband proclaimed Jesus as his Lord and God. We praise the Lord who is walking among the Iranian people and who continues to invite them to His Kingdom.

In a couple of weeks, our new Iranian sister is attending a wedding. She invited her our team member to come and share the Good News with her relatives. Please pray for this opportunity that the Lord is opening up in front of us. We pray that Jesus Christ will reveal Himself at the wedding party! 

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