Iraq: weekly Bible study in Erbil

A large shipment of Arabic and Farsi books has arrived in Erbil for distribution both locally and to other countries in this region. One church in Erbil has introduced a weekly Bible study using the Self-Study Bible Course books that they recently received. This book has proven to be quiet popular and helps believers to understand God’s plan of salvation. 

We look forward to the event scheduled for November in northern Iraq in coordination with local churches and other ministries. It is the first such event in the city and will introduce some of Derek’s books to Kurdish and Arabic-speaking churches.

We continue to translate more materials for people in Iraq and Iran. We now have the first translation of Blessings and Curses (the abridged version) in Sorani. Our new translator has also dubbed two of Derek’s video messages into Sorani. These will impact many lives. 

Neil Cornick, Director DPM UK/Middle-East