Japanese mobile app and website are reaching Japanese seekers and believers worldwide

It has been said that Japan is the hardest country to reach with Christian material and so it was with great delight when, three years ago, we at DPM-NZ were put in touch with a Japanese translator, Yvonne (name changed for security reasons), who lives in Osaka (south-east Japan).  Since then, Yvonne and a volunteer translator, have been very busy translating Derek’s material and we now have the following Japanese Bible teaching resources available on our DPM-Japan dual-language website and App:

  • 63 Teaching Letters on the DPM-Japan dual-language website (http://ja.derekprince.jp/);
  • 30 of Derek’s most significant messages, including the Laying the Foundation messages, voiced in Japanese, on the Japanese App (http://subsplash.com/derekprince/s/edb80e9/) and website, along with a free Study Guide.
  • 168 two-minute messages in Japanese entitled A Word from the Word on the DPM-Japan website.
  • Nine Japanese-language books available for free download from the DPM-Japan website.

If you know any Japanese-speaking believers, please do “spread the word” about our DPM-Japan website and App!

Where to From Here?

  • Placing Derek’s teaching material on other media such as SD cards.  
  • Translating the DPM-Japan English-language Facebook page into Japanese (20% of Japanese people are on Facebook, totalling 25 million active users). 
  • Voicing the Japanese Teaching Letters for placing on the website. 
  • Translate more of Derek’s books.

We have only just begun to reach the Japanese people with Derek’s teaching – and we are believing for many opportunities to greatly expand our ministry in this spiritually dry and thirsty nation. 

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