Kalahari desert

Beginning 2020, retired Pastor Stemmet took a six-week trip to the Kalahari Desert area that borders on Botswana and Namibia. 

At Pella, he came across two black ladies outside the historical Catholic church. He only had one Foundations book in Afrikaans and offered it to them to keep if they promised to read it. He left briefly, and when he returned the women were crying with joy at what they had read! He said that they could keep the book. 

Pastor Stemmet also visited a coastal town near the Namibian border where he met a lady who owned a small café. She was delighted to receive the Foundations book and other Afrikaans titles. He stayed several days, and the lady read this book four times through the night. She said she was going to arrange for people to come to her café and she would work through the book with them!!

(Picture: two people in the Kalahari Desert that received Derek's books in Afrikaans)

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