Kalahari San giving their lives to Jesus in in Setswana

Martin is working among the Kalahri San for over 5 years now. It has been a battle some days, with physical, material and financial challenges but the Lord has been faithful. In one of his blogs he wrote: ‘Together with the San I have experienced how they live every day of their life in very, very tough conditions, with very little funds, very little or no food or water for up to 3 days, with persecution and spiritual battles from all sides. Despite everything against them, the sad and desperate history of this tribe; the San are very proud of their heritage and culture. Through faith the small group of San who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour, continue to be a catalyst and inspiration to all when they boldly face the many giants placed in there way, showing that through Jesus everything is not lost and through faith victory is always achieved.’

In december an outreach team from Campus Crusade for Christ and the Jesus Film Team (15 women and 4 men) were with him for a week. They had had bible studies and training, did community service, were praying for the old, blind and ill, and helping to collect water and wash clothing. They experienced a heat wave of 43 + degrees and some suffered tampan spider bites (treated quickly at the clinic), and in spite of this God gave them energy and endurance. The Jesus Film was shown in Setswana and 7 people excepted Jesus as there Lord and Savior.

You are part of this adventure, helping people to find Christ and establishing them in their faith. Thank you for your support of DPM!



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