Ladies' leadership seminar in Quetta (West Pakistan): radical choices to live for Christ

Elizabeth, of DPM–Pakistan, was invited to speak at a ladies’ leadership seminar in Quetta (West Pakistan) late last year. About 70 ladies from different churches attended. The ladies were wives of pastors, evangelists and other professional backgrounds (doctors, nurses, teachers, office managers, lawyers, and more).

Elizabeth shared the Word on the subject of the Holy Spirit. During the session, many of the ladies made a decision to live their life for Jesus Christ, with several repenting from their old lifestyle. They testified that this teaching is an answer to their prayers and many of them made their commitment with God to yield more for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 2017-01 Pakistan02
At the end of the seminar, Derek’s Urdu-language book The Gifts of the Holy Spirit was given to the participants, for which they were very grateful.

Comments from participants:
We have never heard this deep and profound teaching about the third Godhead of the Holy Trinity. 

I am absolutely blessed to attend this Women’s Leadership Seminar because this has solved many doubts and questions in my mind regarding the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What wonderful teaching; indeed Derek Prince had special revelation from God. Thank you so much for blessing the women in Quetta. 

I have almost all the Urdu books of Rev. Derek Prince and always find them spiritually uplifting and full of God’s revelation. I am so glad to receive my copy of this unique teaching. 

I use to live in Dubai, now I am living in Quetta. When I heard that some lady from Karachi is going to teach at this Women’s Leadership Seminar on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I was not sure how it would be… But now I can say that sister Elizabeth has justified the topic very well. I have never heard Derek speaking in my life but by listening to his teaching presented so well, I can feel the anointing. I am blessed to attend this seminar.

After a long time, my anointing has returned upon me. I have experienced a fresh anointing in this seminar. Thank you, DPM, for such great teaching. 

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