Lent Reflection: Don’t be too busy. Be free!

Most people are too busy. I’m busy, but I’m not too busy . Did you know that it isn’t spiritual to be too busy? It may impress people, but it’s not spiritual. God only made you one person, and you’ll never do two persons’ jobs satisfactorily, no matter how hard you try.

I read a little article by Jamie Buckingham in his church bulletin about his decision to give up doing the ‘urgent’’ in order to do the ‘important.’ Most preachers are so submerged beneath the urgent, they never get to do the important. One of the most needed prayers in the Bible is in Psalm 90: ‘Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Teach me how to use my time.’

That is one of the things that impresses me most about Jesus. He was never flustered. He was never hurried. He was never too busy. Actually, it’s an extension of my ego if I make myself indispensable. Most people really don’t want to be dispensable. As far as I’m concerned, my greatest triumph is when I can be done without. Then I’ve succeeded!

Let me share this with you – I’m possibly the freest person there is because I have let go and let God. I don’t care if I never cast out another demon. If God doesn’t want me to, I don’t mind the least bit. If God so leads that I disappear from the public eye, that’s all right by me, as long as I’ve invested what I have where it will do good. But what I have I’m willing to give; I’m willing to let it drop As a result, I’m very, very happy.Truly I’m free. I know what it is to act freely, I know what it is to preach freedom, but the best thing is to be free. And I can say in all sincerity before God, ‘I’m free!’

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