Lent Reflection: Somebody Do Something!

You say to yourself, ‘I have made a commitment to care for orphans, widows and the poor. Now, what do I do?’

First, assess your abilities—teaching, building, painting, cooking, listening, budgeting—and find a place to offer those talents. It doesn’t matter if you are a ‘one talent’ person (80 percent of us are!). What matters is that you use that talent to bless others and serve those in need.

Maybe you say, ‘I just don’t have time.’ The simple fact is, we make time for what matters. There are very few ways to spend yourself on behalf of the poor that are also convenient. If you truly don’t have the time to give, then commit to supporting those who are giving their time.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you begin to develop a lifestyle of reaching out to orphans and widows—and all those in need.

Climb Aboard

  • Are there churches already reaching out to those in need through food pantries or shelter programs? Call to join in their efforts.

Mother’s Helper

  • Seek out a single mother in your neighbourhood or church. Remember, single mothers are a type of widow, their children a type of orphan. Offer to baby-sit her children regularly so she can get her shopping done or so that she can get a short break from the pressures of being both a mother and a father.

Let Them In

  • Open your home to foster children—or adopt children.

Snack Attack

  • Carry snack-packs of crackers or nuts in your car to give out to homeless people looking for handouts.

Adopt a Widow

  • Offer to do grocery shopping for a widow, or give her a ride to an appointment. Or just spend time with her. Ask her about her life. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn.

Think Fast

  • Read Isaiah 58 and fast one day a week and pray for the orphans and widows in your community. Ask God to bring your paths together so you can help them.

The Golden Years

  • Visit a nursing home with your children. The elderly are often deprived of the bubbling joy a child brings with just a smile. Call ahead and talk to the director to see what day is best and how you can offer friendship.

Try This On for Size

  • Give your used clothing and furniture to a local thrift store whose profits aid those in need.

All in the Family

  • Reach out to a struggling family in your church. Invite them to dinner or out to lunch. Help them with their needs at home. Or pay their utility bill for them.

Long Distance Dedication

  • Sponsor a foreign child financially. There are many programs through which you can help a child in a third world nation receive health care, Bible instruction, clothing and education.

Taken from: The orphans, widows, poor and oppressed

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