Lent Reflection: The Scriptural Mark of Strength

Romans 15, verse 1 gives us the Scriptural mark of strength:

We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

The spirit of this age is, ‘Get what you can for yourself. Let the weak take care of themselves.’ But God says the opposite. It’s not how much you can do, but rather how much you can bear the weakness of others.

It’s very satisfying to be strong in your own ability, in your own ministry, in your own experience and to be the person with all the answers. But that really doesn’t require much spiritual strength. It does require spiritual strength to bear the weaknesses of others.

As Christians, we do not write the weak off. We don’t even relegate them to an institution where we never hear about them or care about them again. One of the outstanding marks of Christians in the first century was they cared for the weak. They cared for the sick. That’s what really impressed the ancient world. They couldn’t understand what made these Christians concerned about people who had nothing to offer – people who were only liabilities.

If I’m a Christian, my first motive is not to get away with as much as I can legally get away with, my first motive is to please Jesus Christ in all that I do. Once we begin to live by seeking to please Jesus, we will inevitably lead a life that is completely different from that of the unconverted around us. We won’t need to peddle a lot of doctrine, for in itself, pleasing Jesus will make us different.

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