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"Your Book is not true, it is distorted. You worship three Gods (May Allah Forgive you)! How can you say that God has a son - this doesn’t make sense at all. How can God be a Father, a Son and the Holy Spirit? Prove this from your Bible!”

This is how a young Muslim girl, named Samia, started her messages to our team on Facebook. The consular responded by saying, "The fact that you cannot understand these things, doesn’t mean they aren’t true." At this point, Samia took a step back and said: "Please, answer my questions." She sounded sincere and listened attentively to the counsellor explaining the incarnation and the Trinity.

"Now I understand," Samia said. Then she asked, "Please tell me why Christians are divided into Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. Which group follows the Holy Bible? And why does Christianity have two religions, the Old Testament and the New Testament?" After the counsellor answered those questions, she gave him no break. Samia had many other questions. "I want to know how will Jesus come back at the end of time," she asked.

By the grace of God, we were able to answer all of Samia’s questions. Then she made a firm statement. "So Muslim are the ones who are mistaken. I have found mistakes in the Quran but I was afraid to search for answers. Now is the time for truth. I found what I really missed. I really want to know more.”

Responding to Samia’s honest desire, the counsellor sent her the Holy Bible that she was very keen to read. "I want to follow the truth and I am completely sure that it is the way of Jesus. It is an honour for me to follow His Word." That is how Samia ended her last conversation. She enrolled in our online discipleship group and we are still connecting with her.

We are very thankful for this great opportunity to help people like Samia. We thank God for the support and prayers of friends and partners like you to make this dream come true. We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers as we care for every seeker following God’s heart.

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