Middle East: Outreach through Facebook

Since the Covid-19 Outbreak and the lockdown that followed it, our team in Egypt has received many questions and responses on Facebook.

Yasmine* contacted us from Algeria, knowing that our Facebook page is Christian. When we asked her how we could help her, she immediately asked for resources about Jesus. She openly admitted that she is a Muslim but that she wants to know more about Jesus. We sent her one of Derek Prince's books and encouraged her to read it. Our team is available online almost 20 hours a day to answer her questions and we pray for her heart to receive the Lord.

Noora* is a Christian lady from Iraq, living in the United States. She had a troubled youth, with her father being addicted to alcohol and aggressive, and Noora being sexually abused by different persons. Yet, by God’s grace, Noora was born again. Not long after that, her mother, too, got saved. Noora does not speak English very well, which makes it hard for her to be part of a church. She needs a group through which she can grow in her faith and abide in the truth. And, she needs a journey of inner healing. When Noora shared her heart with us on Facebook, we confirmed our love and respect for her. We told her how precious, loved and honoured she is in the sight of God. She enrolled our online discipleship group through which she can grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your support and prayers for our outreach in the Middle East. Thousands of Muslims are desperate for hope, forgiveness, and love. Because of people like you, we can continue to reach out to them with the Good News about Jesus Christ.

(*for safety reasons we are not sharing their real names)

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Don Kidd

Don Kidd

Dear Sir. I am trying to make a donation, in Euros, to your Middle East work, but can't find how to donate, plus my current valid credit card is being declined by your site. Can you assist me in this, please? Thank you. Don Kidd

30 June 202016:07

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