Ministering to pastors in North India (Bihar & Jharkhand)

This Fall, DPM India directors Elsie and Danny travelled to Bihar & Jharkhand as those are two of the states out of the 5 that they hadn’t reached previously in India.  Little did they know that these were probably the two states in India that needed the teaching most.

This is their report:

Arriving in Patna, we only heard a lot of lament from the pastors who’d been working there over 20 years.  They complained that on one side was persecution and on the other people easily accepted Jesus but that there was no spiritual growth. This set off an alarm and we soon discovered that many leaders themselves were lacking in the area of teaching. 

In each one of the Pastors’ Conferences we had in Patna, Jamui, Jamshedpur & Ranchi there was an overflow of leaders with the result that we were always short of space and books.

Pastors came from great distances & various denominations and para-church organizations.  One Pastor said to me “You have come at the right time… persecution has brought pastors together and driven them to seek strength from God to overcome opposition.  The teaching you have brought us has just achieved this.” 

In one meeting, at the end of the Divine Exchange session, the Holy Spirit just seemed to break out in the crowd.  There was nothing we could do, expect stand and wait for the Spirit of God to complete his work.  My voice was completely drowned by the voice of the leaders crying out to God to receive all the fullness He had for them through the cross.

Many wept here as we spoke of the shame that Jesus underwent in bringing us to share His glory. Just a deep sense of realization and overwhelming gratitude seemed to fill them as they accepted the teaching with all simplicity & sincerity.

A lot of pastors here are relatively poor.  And they have been taught to glorify their poverty. There is also a complete of lack of teaching on breaking financial curses & on giving & tithing.  As a result that part of the teaching within the Curse to Blessing session was a revelation to them and many now have the assurance that they can come out of their poverty.

A senior pastor from Ranchi said: "I just realized I’ve always been cursing my wife & children for little things and never thought of my God-given role to my family.  Today as you taught, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit and when you prayed, I prayed too and broke every curse I had spoken over them.  Hereafter I will begin to bless them with my God-given authority!”

All this has been possible because of the prayers of the many of you who have been praying for us and we are deeply grateful for that. Thank you once again!

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