Ministry India and Sri Lanka: ministry to prisoners and persecuted churches

We ministered recently to many hundreds of pastors among the persecuted churches in India and Sri Lanka and we were received with great joy. The pastors said, “Not many ministries want to come here and minister to us.” 

We gave them books, including LifeChanging Spiritual Power, as well as SD cards containing 30 of Derek’s most significant teaching in Tamil (SE Sri Lanka) and Hindi (Bihar and Jharkhand, India).

We also received this testimony from a prisoner in Tamil Nadu named Arul.

“Through my friends, I received four books written by Derek Prince in Tamil: Spiritual Warfare, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, The Divine Exchange and The Holy Spirit in You. They were very useful to many of us here. In a place where not everyone can enter and do ministry freely, God has used books to bring salvation and spiritual growth, and Derek Prince’s books are among those. Please send me more books. They will be read by many and not be laid to rest.”

We sent this prisoner a complete set of books available in Tamil and offered more copies of the Self-Study Bible Course if more of the inmates want to study the Bible.

At December’s annual DPM Orphans Christmas Party, we reached about 800 orphans and poor children with the Gospel. Praise the Lord for the many who committed their lives to Christ.

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