Mission trip to distribute 'Foundational Truths for Christian Living' in Afrikaans

In May, Pastor Wimppie Stemmet went on a 7-week outreach trip. One of the resources he will be distributing is Derek Prince’s book Foundational Truths for Christian Living in Afrikaans. A number of people helped to edit this book of 800 pages. To post or courier these books would cost a fortune so we are especially thankful when evangelists or pastors like Pastor Stemmet help us distribute the book. He has been doing trips like this for the past 40 years.

One of the small towns he will be stopping at is Graafwater on the west coast of the Cape. He sent us some photos of a meeting he held for workers on a farm. 

We were able to send 64 copies with this current trip besides other Afrikaans books by Derek Prince. On this trip, he also takes Bibles and other gospels and clothing. The seed of the Word is being sown into the field. Who knows the fruit that will result in this sowing!


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