Mission trip to Iran: 'Bigger love and new purpose in life'

Recently 3 pastors from Azerbaijan were arrested for their outreach activities and the Iranian government seems to be more alert on Christian outreach. Nonetheless every month an outreach team from DPM operates in Iran. One of our team members wrote: 

"It was a challenge to go, but God's love for the Iranian people fills our heart. We spent much time in prayer for the freedom of Iran. It feels like a spirit of fear and death is hovering over the country. So many wonderful people are afraid and disappointed. We walked the streets and blessed the people by prayer. We repeated time and again the words of Jesus, "Come to me, all who are tired and I will give you rest."

I met a salesman who was passionate about his work. He only wanted to talk about the sale of his products, so I sat on the floor with him and asked him to show me one of his tablecloths. He brought me dozens of tablecloths and told me all about them! After a while he opened up his heart and I could lead him to Christ. In Him he found a bigger love and new purpose in life, but he needs your prayers to endure and grow in his faith.

We took 100 micro SD cards with us and were able to distribute all of them in the cities we visited and to the taxi drivers that took us there. Jesus loves the people in Iran and there is still hope for their salvation. Thank you for making it possible for us to reach out to them." 

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