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Derek's book 'God's Medicine Bottle' is used by God to bring healing and we receive powerful testimonies from people who read this book.

Someone wrote: "This little book has opened my eyes to see that I do not have to get too intellectual but take God's Word as it is written, trust and believe. A wonderful read. I have studied for too long, now is the time to come like a child. Love it !"

Recently we received a testimony for a pastor in Yangon. He wrote: "Part of my work is to visit the sick in hospitals and homes. I pray for them fervently, using the Word of God. I have memorized many Bible verses. But using Derek’s book, God’s Medicine Bottle, gives me more power. The real life testimony and verses in the book give me more impact. A patient read it many times and received peace of mind. He used to be bed-ridden, but now he has started back at his food shop and is already cooking. It is wonderful to see him like this and to enjoy food in his shop, talking to him and sharing the love of God.” 

Annie Chen-Green, director DPM Myanmar

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