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Nepal: Soldiers healed after reading Derek's books

Numerous Gurung and Magar people, two of the indigenous ethnic nationalities of Nepal, many of whom are serving in the Indian and Nepalese armies, are coming to Christ due to being healed after reading Derek’s books.

The Lord is using Derek's teaching also to bring deliverance. Our co-worker, pastor Gopaljee, said: "We prayed for two demon-possessed men and gave them They Shall Expel Demons, and they have been delivered. 

Another testimony we received from Nepal, from Nawaraj of Nawalparasi District:

“We thank you and are grateful to you for providing the whole set of books by Derek Prince for our library. Our leaders and youth are devouring every page of Foundations for Life, Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting, and others. Our youth are using the Self-Study Bible Course to learn and teach other youth. I had never seen such wonderful spiritual resources. How I wish every Christian could possess these books.”


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