Online ministry in the Middle East

“Mister Mister” is his name on Facebook, a Muslim who says that he turned to Christ years ago. He came to our Arabic DPM Facebook page asking about the judgment that God had made to the people in Noah’s time and about the flood and if the ark was the redemption alternative?

From this point, we handled his questions to lead him to know more about the first sin done by Adam AND Eve and how this was the break of the first commandment. Consequently, that sin had to be judged.

Then he started telling us about his Muslim background and how he was shocked about the contradictions in his old religion. Meanwhile, he was also frustrated by Coptic believers in Egypt as they were overruling him after he returned from Turkey where his family lives. Because of their attitude, he didn't trust in churches.

Yet, in spite of his frustration, he wanted to learn more about the Bible and the Word of God. He searched online and came to our Facebook page where we listened to him in an online conversation. Since that he trusted us, he agreed to join a discipleship online group to turn the next page in his relationship with Jesus. Please pray for him, and for this part of our online ministry in the Middle East. 

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