Outreach in Iran

In November, an outreach team shared the Gospel with people in several cities in Iran. The team leader wrote:

"Each day, we started with a prayer walk. During these prayer walks, we started small talks with people on the street. These friendly chats often lead to deeper conversations and sharing our hope in Jesus. Many of them blamed God for their problems in life, for their government and so on. So many of them were living without hope and joy. It broke our hearts. We told the people about Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. and whenever we had a meaningful conversation about Jesus, we gave that person an SD-card with a Farsi Bible and Derek's Bible teaching on it. 

We believe that step by step, God is doing His work in Iran and one day we will see a big harvest. God is truly at work in Iran. Several people shared the testimony of their conversion after they had a dream of Jesus Christ. We pray the Lord will continue to speak to the Iranian people this way.  Thank you for all your support through prayer and finances, that make it possible for us to reach out this way!"


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