The Armenian app is very active sending daily messages from DPM during this corona crisis. Our team is volunteering to take meals to the elderly and the poor in our city. This way, we have permission to be out on the streets. With every meal we deliver, we add a copy of The Exchange at the Cross, that was translated specifically for this purpose. Before this crisis, our main focus was to reach the younger generation, but now our hearts go out to the elderly people who are extra vulnerable and lonely. We want to share with them a message of hope and let them know they are not alone.

Here is a story we received from Armenia about Anahit, a mother of 5 children living on the breadline. 
When our team met her, Anahit told them that all food in her house had run out a day before. Her five children had nothing to eat. So she urged them to pray and to believe that God would take care of them tomorrow. When our DPM volunteers visited them in the morning and handed her a week's supply of food and also Derek Prince's books, she thanked with tears for the help arriving at the right time. 

Thanks to the generosity of faithful supporters like you, we are able to bring these 'boxes of hope'. If you would like to contribute to this outreach project, please read more here

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